Pole Barn Buildings

The Perfect Blend of Metal Strength and Wood Beauty

Pole Barns for Georgia Builders & Homeowners

Pole barns combine the strength and durability of metal with the natural beauty and warmth of wood. These innovative building kits are perfect for a wide range of applications, from agricultural and industrial use to residential and commercial applications.


Custom Pole Buildings

Our pole barn building materials can be customized to suit your specific needs and preferences, with a wide range of options for size, style, and layout. Customers throughout Georgia have used our metal truss, wood rafter and frame pole barn materials for everything from small storage sheds to large commercial buildings.

Popular Uses for Pole Barns in Georgia

With our custom pole building materials, the possibilities are endless! Here are just a handful of possible applications.

Pole Barn & Horse Barns

From traditional barns to horse barns, pole barns can be customized for a variety of agricultural needs. Trust our high-quality materials to keep your livestock, equipment and other belongings secure.

Pole Barn Homes & Guest Homes

Pole Barn homes are having a moment! Whether you’re building a primary residence or a guest home or cottage, our pole building materials are a great way to construct fast and cost-efficient—yet durable—living spaces.

Pole Barn Churches & Event Spaces

Beautiful Georgia landscapes go hand-in-hand with our pole barn building materials, and are an easy, versatile option for church buildings and event spaces. Get venue spaces up fast with our custom options.

Pole Barn Carports & Garages

Our high-quality pole building materials are long-lasting and weather-resistant—a perfect way to keep your vehicles and equipment safe and secure at your Georgia home or business.

Pole Barn Storage Facilities

We all could use a little extra storage! Save money and time with DIY pole barn storage. Your valuables stay safe, secure and easily accessible.

Pole Barn Businesses & Restaurants

From retail businesses to restaurants and breweries, pole barn buildings are an ideal way to get a business up and running quickly, with minimal investment—or expand your current space to grow your business.

Pole Barn Buildings

Advantages of Georgia Pole Barns

Pole Barns are Durable

Our pole barn materials are made from the highest quality metal trusses, wood rafters and wood frames and ready to stand up to Georgia’s tough weather conditions for years to come.

Pole Barns are Affordable

Compared to traditional building methods, pole barns are an ideal way to get a variety of structures up, quickly, for a relatively low cost.

Pole Barns are Flexible

Georgia residents are using our pole barns for everything from brewery buildings to home storage sheds. And with our customizable options, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Pole Barns are Easy to Build

Contractors and handy homeowners alike will find our pole barn materials easy and efficient. The finished result is both simple and stunning.

Georgia Pole Barn FAQs

A pole barn, otherwise known as a pole-frame or post-frame barn or building, is a simple structure that leverages large wooden poles or posts. These buildings often use metal trusses and roofing for added durability. Pole barn buildings are known as a faster, easier and more cost-effective alternative to more traditional building methods.

Pole barn building materials are ideal for Georgia residents and business owners who need a strong, durable building option that they can build quickly, easily and cost-efficiently. In fact, people may be surprised at the level of design and customization possible with today’s pole barn buildings. Tell us about your needs today to learn more.

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