Tuff-Rib Metal Roofing & Wall Panel System

Discover our Durable Tuff-Rib Roof Panel System for Residential or Commercial Applications

One of our most popular and affordable panels, Tuff-Rib is a jack-of-all-trades for metal roofing, siding and modern accents. Originally designed for traditional and agricultural buildings, this Ribbed Steel Roof Panel is built to last and stands up to wind, hail, snow and rain.

Finish it off with a sleek-looking trim and this Rib Steel Roof Panel shines as a residential roofing system. Install the panel horizontally as a wainscot and you’ve got a modern-industrial accent that makes your project stand out. You can count on Tuff-Rib to work hard on the ranch, take care of business on commercial builds, or protect your family from the elements. Our Ribbed Steel Roof Panel has you covered.

Tuff-Rib Purpose & Use

Tuff-Rib is a popular metal roofing choice thanks to its ease of use, strength and versatility

  • Light-gauge panels intended for residential and agriculture (houses, barns, patios) and light commercial uses
  • Reliable and economical
  • Made with high-tensile steel for higher load capacity
  • Panels can be installed over other structures including substrates, wood or steel
  • Easy to install—great for those new to metal roofing

Tuff-Rib FAQs

Have questions about Tuff-Rib? We’ve got you covered.

What is Tuff-Rib Metal Roofing?

Tuff-Rib is a type of light-gauge metal panel roofing that is known for being an economical and versatile choice for commercial, agricultural, industrial and even residential applications.

When should I use Tuff-Rib Metal Roofing?

Traditionally, Tuff-Rib has been used mostly in agricultural and commercial applications. But with the right colors, design and application, homeowners and contractors are seeing that it is a fantastic choice for residential applications as well.

What is the cost of Tuff-Rib Metal Roofing

Tuff-Rib is known to be one of the most economical options when it comes to metal roofing panels. To get a quote on Tuff-Rib Metal Roofing for your next project, contact us here.

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Metal panel sample

Design & Size

We manufacture Tuff-Rib custom cut to the inch per your specifications. Any length is available from 3′ up to 45′. Tuff-Rib’s design features five 3/4″ high ribs, spaced 9″ on center.

Metal Colors

Tuff Rib Dimensions

36″ Width (Coverage) Cut to Inch From 3’–45′

Gauge & Weight

29 Gauge – 0.70 lb / Sq Ft 26 Gauge – 0.85 Lb / Sq Ft
24 Gauge – 1.00 Lb / Sq Ft

Warranty & Finish

Painted Tuff-Rib carries a lifetime Film Integrity warranty and 30-year chalk/fade warranty. Unpainted Galvalume carries a 30-year warranty. The painted option is a baked enamel paint over primer and Galvalume.

Finish & Warranty

Painted: 40 Years Galvalume: 20 Years


25-67% Energy Star® Rated