5v Crimp Metal Roofing & Wall Panel System

Durable Residential or Commercial Steel Roof Panel System

Unparalleled Roofing Performance

When it comes to roofing, 5V Crimp is a time-honored choice that has stood the test of time. Offering exceptional strength and durability, ensuring superior protection for your property. Its unique V-shaped ribs provide added strength and resistance to adverse weather conditions. Count on 5V Crimp to safeguard your home for years to come.

Iconic Interior Design Possibilities

Beyond its roofing prowess, 5V Crimp is an iconic choice for interior design enthusiasts seeking to infuse their spaces with an air of sophistication. Its clean lines, distinctive texture, and timeless charm make it a versatile material for various interior applications. Whether you’re looking to create accent walls, statement ceilings, or captivating backsplashes, 5V Crimp adds a touch of elegance that seamlessly blends with both traditional and contemporary design aesthetics. Step into a world of creativity and reimagine your interior spaces with the limitless possibilities of 5V Crimp.

5v crimp

Design & Size

We manufacture 5v Crimp custom cut to the inch per your specifications. Any length is available from 3′ up to 45′.

Metal Colors

5v Crimp Dimensions

24″ Width (Coverage) Cut to Inch From 3’–45′

Gauge & Weight

26 Gauge – 0.85 Lb / Sq Ft

Warranty & Finish

Painted Tuff-Rib carries a 40 year paint warranty and 30 year fade/chalk warranty. Unpainted Galvalume carries a 30 year warranty. The painted option is a baked on enamel paint over primer and Galvalume.

Finish & Warranty

Painted: 40 Years Galvalume: 20 Years


25-67% Energy Star® Rated