Cold-Formed Steel Buildings in Georgia

Shorten lead times and installation with weld-free, cold-formed steel building components.

It’s not often that a new product creates real change in an industry, but cold-formed steel buildings have done just that! Progressive contractors and building owners in the United States are quickly learning what the Australians have known for decades – cold-formed steel buildings can be a great economical option to traditional pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs). And, since each building ships with engineered plans that include foundation layout and details, you can feel confident you’re buying a quality product.

What Are Cold-Formed Steel Buildings?

Cold-formed steel buildings are structures constructed using cold-formed steel components. These components are roll-formed (through a series of dies) to create c-sections and other shapes used to construct steel building frames. As opposed to hot-rolled steel, heat is not used in this process.

Cold-formed steel buildings are known for their durability and cost-effectiveness—and the speed at which they can be completed. Typically leveraged for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, their lightweight yet strong characteristics make them an attractive choice to give builders (and owners) more bang for their buck.

Benefits of Cold-Formed Steel Buildings

As mentioned, builders everywhere are discovering the benefits of cold-formed steel buildings as a means for fast and cost-efficient—yet durable—building framing. They speed up timelines, reduce costs, and generally take some of the hassle out of the construction process.

Shorter Lead Times

The lead time for pre-engineered building materials often runs several months. In contrast, you can get a Cold Formed Building delivered within weeks!

Less Concrete and No Pre-Set Anchor Bolts

Builders employing cold-formed steel building materials will use 20-25% less concrete. That’s because cold-formed steel buildings feature closer column spacing than PEMBs. As a result, footings and anchor bolts can be omitted. With cold-formed steel buildings, the framing simply attaches to the top of the concrete slab, saving substantial material costs and labor.

Lower Equipment Fees

Due to the weight of the main columns, traditional PEMBs typically require a crane for installation. Cold-formed steel building installation is often completed with just scaffolding or a forklift. Between equipment rental and operator fees, the savings add up.

Quicker Installation

For contractors, time is money! With cold-formed steel buildings, your crews can quickly complete a project and move on to the next one. And, from our experience, building owners rarely complain about a quick construction and move-in schedule.

Reduced Onsite Fabrication

Cold-formed steel buildings are constructed with weld-free, roll-formed components. Not only do they look better than traditional PEMBs, they also require minimal job site fabrication.

Cold-Formed Steel Buildings vs. Traditional Structural Steel

As mentioned, cold-form steel buildings have several advantages over traditional structural steel buildings. Cold-formed steel is more economical, lighter weight, and easier to work with (faster). Additionally, cold-formed steel offers greater design flexibility for a wider range of applications and is more sustainable than traditional building components, thanks to its recyclable nature and longstanding durability.

On the other hand, cold-formed steel buildings do have weight limits and therefore may not be suitable for projects requiring exceptionally high load-bearing capacities, such as in large industrial or high-rise building projects.

Trust Green Tree Metals For Your Cold-Formed Steel Buildings In Georgia

When it comes to construction, time and budget are of the essence. That’s why Green Tree Metals is Georgia’s favorite source for cold-formed steel building materials. We make our materials right here in Georgia, so you get direct-from-the-manufacturer savings and lightning-fast lead times. We only use the best metal substrates and coatings for superior performance for decades to come.

Superior Value

You’ll save money going with cold-formed steel—and get even more value getting it from Green Tree Metals. That’s because we make our materials in-house for the highest quality and manufacturer-direct pricing.

Fast Lead Times

Cold-formed steel buildings go up fast, but you’ll get your building materials from us even faster. We’re committed to quick fulfillment and delivery for all our Georgia customers.

Flexible Options & Customization

Have something specific in mind or a particular need for your cold-formed steel building? We’re happy to help with personalized options and service.

Expert Knowledge

After 15 years in business, we know a thing or two about quality products, thorough service, and superior value. We work with contractors and homeowners—on projects of all sizes—and go above and beyond to answer their needs.


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Quicker Installation

For contractors, time is money! With Cold Formed Buildings your crews can quickly complete a project and move on to the next one. And, from our experience, building owners rarely complain about a quick construction and move-in schedule.

Reduced Onsite Fabrication

Cold Formed Buildings are constructed with weld- free roll formed components. Not only do they look better than traditional PEMB’s, they also require minimal jobsite fabrication.