R Panel (PBR)

Structural R Panel for R Panel Metal Roof & Siding Systems

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Purlin Bearing Rib (PBR) Panel is an exposed fastener R Panel metal roof and siding system suitable for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications. This system can be used in both interior and exterior applications.

This structural steel panel works well for roofing or siding on the exterior of a building or home, and as an accent wall on the interior. You can create a modern look with the R Panel metal roofing or siding system, or a rustic look depending on the color or finish you choose. You’ll love the high-performing characteristics of R Panel metal systems and how they’ll hold up to even the toughest environments.

The PBR steel panel features a 5-degree overbend on overlap combined with an anti-siphon groove on underlap for superior weather tightness. From high-speed winds to heavy rain, the R Panel will keep you dry.

When it comes to harsh weather, this steel R Panel roofing will easily stand up to the elements. The R Panel has strength and adaptability, making it a highly sought after for homeowners, contractors, and architects alike. Whether you’re using the R Panel for a metal roof or siding, you’ll love the longevity of these metal panels.

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R Panel Metal Roofing & Siding Purpose & Use

R Panel is a popular metal roofing or siding choice for those in search of toughness and value 

  • Tough and industrial—often used in agricultural and commercial buildings as roofing or siding
  • Strong and economical
  • Easy-to-install, exposed faster system
  • DIY friendly
  • Wide variety of colors


R Panel Metal Roofing & Siding FAQs

Have questions about R Panel Metal Roofing or Siding? We’ve got you covered.

What is R Panel metal roofing and siding?

R Panel is a type of metal roofing and siding with an exposed fastener system, identifiable by its 36” metal panels with alternating raised ribs and flat surfaces. Thanks to its durability, cost-efficiency and ease of installation, it’s a popular choice for industrial and agricultural applications.

When should I use R Panel metal roofing and siding? 

As mentioned, R Panel has historically been used in non-residential applications. But with a range of colors, contractors and DIY homeowners alike are finding creative residential applications—from accent walls to full residential roofing. One reason R panel metal roofing and siding is becoming more popular in residential applications is that it is extremely durable, wind resistant, fire resistant and low maintenance. With the right color combinations and accents, R Panel can be a stunning and unique design choice. 

What is the cost of R Panel roofing?

R Panel is extremely economical and also has a strong lifetime value, thanks to its extreme durability and minimal maintenance requirements. To get a quote on R Panel metal roofing or siding for your next project, contact us here

What are the requirements for R Panel metal roofing?

R Panel and PBR systems can work for a variety of applications, but there are some requirements. R Panel metal roofs require a minimum slope of 1:12 with proper sealant during installation. This will ensure that roofs aren’t susceptible to moisture damage and leaks. 

Why PBR vs. R Panel metal roofing or siding?

PBR Panels and R Panel metal roofing panels are very similar. The only difference between R Panel and PBR panels is that PBR panels have a “purlin bearing leg” (hence the PBR acronym) that allows the panels to more fully overlap (as opposed to R Panel roofing that features only a partial overlap). This provides PBR systems with greater strength. The overlap also means that PBR panels offer greater moisture resistance and therefore are less susceptible to leaks.

R Panel vs. Standing Seam metal roofing?

R Panel is a type of exposed fastener system, meaning that the fasteners will be visible on the roof in the finished product. This is mostly an aesthetic issue—some people prefer the look of a smooth-paneled metal roof with concealed fasteners. Exposed fasteners (as the name would imply) are also more exposed to the elements. Standing Seam metal roofing systems feature concealed fasteners.

Exposed fastener roof systems—including R Panel and Tuff Rib—are much more cost-efficient, versatile and easy to install. What’s more, they come in a variety of colors and allow for specialty installations and trims that up their visual appeal. 

Are R Panel metal roofs good for hurricanes and strong wind?

Metal roofs in general are a great choice for hurricane and wind resistance. While standing seam roofs typically perform best in strong wind conditions, exposed fastener systems, like PBR and R Panel metal roofing offer a more secure installation. For those considering a R Panel metal roofing system in a hurricane- or storm-prone area, be sure to keep an eye on the exposed fasteners, which may need to be replaced over time due to wear and tear.

Metal panel sample

Design & Size

We manufacture R Panel / PBR Panel roofing and siding that is custom cut to the inch, per your specifications. Any length is available from 3′ up to 45′. R Panel / PBR Panel roofing and siding features four 1.25″-high ribs, spaced 12″ on center. PBR Panel has a purlin bearing rib that makes stitch screws easier to install on roofs. Thickness options include 26- and 24-gauge standard. Colors vary by gauge and are available upon request.

Metal Colors

R Panel Dimensions

36″ Width (Coverage) Cut to Inch From 3′-45′

Gauge & Weight

26 Gauge – 0.85 Lb / Sq Ft 24 Gauge – 1.08 Lb / Sq Ft

Warranty & Finish

Painted R-Panel carries a 40 year paint warranty and 30 year fade/chalk warranty. Unpainted Galvalume carries a 30 year warranty. The painted option is a baked on enamel paint over primer and Galvalume.

Finish & Warranty

Painted: 40 Years Galvalume: 20 Years


25-67% Energy Star® Rated